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Frequently asked questions

Does SFChat saves chat history on the server?

SFChat does NOT save chat history on a server. SFChat removes message from server after delivery them to addresser. Moreover after 24 hours chat automatically remove all data. So undelivered messages is saved only 24 hours.

How long current chat is kept active?

Each chat is active 24 hours. Such limitation increases security. For instance if SFChat was not closed.

How is SFChat work?

After push "create chat" button new chat is created with unique "code". Such "code" is using to join one and only one participant to chat. So after "code" is used then chat is ready to communicate. Each new message were deleted from SFChat server after it was delivered to addresser. After finish conversation it is strongly recommended to close chat using "close icon" on the right top corner of chat page.

What is "code"?

Code is a unique chat identifier. Such code can not be used along to get access to chat. It is like email address or car number.

What would be happen when "code" has been stolen?

Lest's consider two situation. The first when "code" is used by malicious user before "code" was applied to join chat. The second when "code" is used for connection to chat after they was used by right person.

For the first situation chat was connected to wrong person. Therefore correct user will be refused to use "code" because it has been already applied. So to prevent share information with wrong person it is better to start talk with several questions to be sure that you are speaking with the known person.

In the second case malicious user can not to join to chat because of limitation of two person in one chat.

Does close browser or tab mean that chat is closed?

Yes, but not at once. It takes time to detect that browser or tab was closed approximately 6 minutes (such time is related to SFChat server configuration). Moreover closing all SFChat tabs or browser removes chat history also 'code' can not be used to join to such chat again. Finally it is strongly recommended use "close icon" to exit chat.

How can I help the project?

  • Become SFChat developer. Please visit SFChat GitHub page,
  • Submit improvement proposal or bug request. Please use "New issue" button on SFChat GitHub issue page,
  • Send email to SFChat developers with questions please use contact email in the button of a page,
  • Become a sponsor to help cover hosting, SSL certificate, 3-d part consulting costs. Sponsor's logo will be shown on a bottom of the main page. Moreover sponsors name will be randomly chosen from whole pull of sponsors to show in "welcome" message of chat. For instance:
    Welcome to SFChat!
    Please send code: 547dcc15b82b9c1ae810ad07 to Talker
    Thank you "Sponsor company name" for support SFChat
    Please contact us by email in the bottom of the page to became a SFChat Sponsor.