SFChat — Secure Free Chat

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy explains:

How SFChat saves chat messages

SFChat does NOT save chat history on a server. SFChat removes messages as soon as they successfully delivered to addresser. In the case when messages were not obtained then SFChat automatically removes all chat information that linked to chats older then 24 hours.

What information is collected

SFChat does NOT collect any information that can identify person directly or indirectly.
SFChat collects:

  • Page view statistics
  • Action click on "create chat" and "join chat" buttons
All that information is obtained by Google Analytics. Parameter anonymizeIp in Google Analytics sets in True. It means that Google removes the last octet of the IP address.

How collected information is used

Collected information is used for:

  • Maintain accessibility: detect errors, server connection down etc.
  • Analyze on what languages SFChat should be translated first
  • Choose direction for growth

How cookies is used

Cookie is used for Google Analytics purpose and for protection of Cross-site request forgery attack.